Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.  I get a good chuckle out of how different the hubby and I are.  I absolutely LOVE plastic and don't care for glass at all.  Whenever he drinks something it has to be out of a glass, not plastic.  Whenever I drink something it has to be out of plastic, not glass.  Yes, we have settings in glass and plastic.

2.  I have started (ahem, my third attempt) Fat to Skinny, in hopes of getting rid of all this weight.  I had my last baby almost 3 years ago, it's far past time for the weight to be gone.

3. We have been running for a total of three weeks, not consecutive weeks, but three weeks.  Okay, okay, three days for each week, so 9 days, BUT...I am up to running at a VERY s.l..o...w....  pace for 1:30 minutes without stopping, YAY!

4.  Redbox is now renting Wii games, and they happen to have the Michael Jackson game...WHAT???  I say it's time for my best friend Jen and I to have a dance floor night again, haha!  We've got the strobe lights ready!

5.  Papa Chulo has been doing awesome with potty training.  He only had three accidents all of last week. Go papa, go papa, go!

6.  One of my dear, precious friends, Marisa found out she's having a girl!  I will have my first niece, yippee!  I can't wait to get to making girly things <3

7.  I can't wait be involved and serve at the Superstropolis VBS next week!  It all looks like so much fun for the kiddos.

8.   Confession...I'm addicted to my iphone.  I love that I can read my Bible in bed at night, without the need for a light.  I also love all the apps that can keep me searching for hours.  Oh technology, what would I do without you?

9.  We watched the movie  Iranium  couple of weeks ago, which had me wondering how it was to live without electricity.  I like to watch the show Hoarders on Netflix, where many of these people have been without gas, electricity and water for quite some time.  This got me to thinking about times back when people lived without gas and running water, technology, and so many other things we depend on today.  I'm not gonna lie, the thought of an electromagnetic pulse bomb freaks me out!  That was a lot of nonsense I just types out...watch the movie.

10.  We finished reading Strawberry Girl and we are on to read How to Eat Fried Worms.  Tomorrow we will make some type of dessert calling for strawberries,  and after we read our next book, we will be making mud pies with gummy worms...fun!  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Out of the Loop

for almost 2 months that is!  Shame on me, I know Jen  :)

Hopefully I can eventually catch up since I have my first nephews little pics to post, a very special little 5 year old's birthday to post, and a few shots from an on the spur {LOVELY} vacation!

Ok...off to catching up on this week!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love FaceBook in that I can quickly and easily update my status with pictures and the things being done at the moment.  Blogging isn't so easy and so it's somewhat on the back burner and if I remember to post, then I do, and if I don't, well then...that's just sad.  FaceBook can't be made into a book of memories like my blog can, so I think I will now turn Thursdays into a collection of some of the many status updates on FB.

Here are a few from this week, if you aren't on FB, there usually daily pics that you are missing out on...sorry!  

Symphony: mom....why does it smell like KFC hot sauce?

Me: because I was using vinegar to clean with

Symphony: what is wrong with that vinegar?

Hahaha! I guess the smell hasn't dissipated quickly!

ours was a perfect pool day until my son pooped in our very small above ground pool and it came out his swimmer diaper! I didn't notice until I saw him out of the pool... secluded. I asked Symphony if he pooped in the pool and she said "no, but me and Bella are taking a bunch of corn out!"....{gag} we had corn for dinner last night!

this morning the girls helped me make my bed. Bella said "first put the chocolate on!" (my chocolate brown sheets), "next put the frosting on!" (my white quilt)...oh to be little with such fun imaginations!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.  The kids and I have enjoyed reading Strawberry Girl together in the evenings.   I've enjoyed cuddling up on the couch with my babes, or cuddling late in night with Symphony (when the littles are asleep) and reading it to her before her papa comes in to rest <3

2.  I've decided that I want to be a runner...for some reason people running in the area make this a strong desire for me.  Why?  I've always hated it and how hard it makes my breathing! Anyhow, we've started the Couch 2 10K app on my phone, now if only my ankle will heal up from the last attempt that put me out 3 weeks...ugh!

3.  This week is for potty training, and I think we just may have it nailed by the end.  I'm praying this was the last bit of diapers we will ever have to purchase!

4.  On the potty training note, my son wants to live in the bathroom 24/7.  The kid pees so many times in an hour!  Icebreakers are now our new best friend...they're his reward for each successful go at the potty!

5.  It's summertime, but we have been playing catch up on Symphony's math curriculum.  For some reason or other she fell behind by 60 lessons...yikes!  How that happened, I don't even know.  I am so very proud of her though, she has scored 94% and up with 3 100% in a row on her math tests.  She's a smart little cookie!

6.  The weather here in sunny California is warming up, yay!  We purchased a little 3'x10' pool for the kids, so guess where they'll be...or guess where I'll be making them be, haha!  It was the pool or passes to a water park with three kids, two of which don't swim very well on their own yet.  I can only imagine the stress of keeping an eye on all three, by myself...no thank you!

7.  I'm loving Pinterest, it could seriously swallow any extra time I have...if I allow it to. It's such a lovely place to gather up ideas of things and decor and all that lovely stuff!

8.  School will be starting, um well we haven't officially stopped yet, in August, and I have started ordering curriculum.  I can't wait to study the body with my girls for Science this year.  I know there will be many "oohs" and "ahhs".

9.  I'm hoping next week will be a week of continuing to decorate the girl's room and start up my son's room.  I kind of stopped for a couple months, but I want it done and over with.  :)

10.  Saturday will be spent with some really good treats and eats, hopefully!  We'll be at the IE Food Truck Fest....I think I'm most excited about the Roller Derby and not the food, haha!

Monday, June 13, 2011


First off...where is the time going?  We're almost half way through this year!

A combo of some little snapshots of Summer reading.  Symphony can move into so many different positions in a short period of time :)  Thank God she's not in a public school for they'd surely assume she's ADD!  I am so very grateful that I have the privilege of schooling them at home on our own time, our own schedule, and the very subjects they are interested in learning and discovering new things about.

The other morning I woke up sobbing, my breath taken away sobbing, because I had to enroll them in a public school.  My heart was crushed that I didn't get to spend my day with them teaching them new things and seeing their little faces light up with delight as they learned something new, or being there as they experienced the happiness of success or the need to be encouraged to go on.  This dream was one that continued to surface even if I woke up, and I was so upset with it, but it also opened my eyes to take advantage of this time to the uttermost!

Anyhow, enough of that, here is my little, big girl....reading

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

 1.     Saturday was a VERY productive day, despite a MAJOR headache.  Some of my many projects
        were completed and I am just in love with the outcome thus far...
     (some of the hoop art finished and hung, and curtain to cover the horrendous closet!)

2.     We have been talking about what to do in the backyard for what seems like years, and I think we 
        have finally come to some middle ground in agreement.  I can't wait!

3.     The girls each read their 15 books which meant In N Out (yum for 4 of the Aguiars, and yuck for 
        me!  I just smiled and "enjoyed" it with them).  They were so very cute as they placed their order  
        and gave the cashier their award to redeem.  I'm so proud of you girls!

4.     WalMart was my saviour this weekend.  I never thought I could actually like that store, but they had   
        exactly what I needed after going to four separate stores and being unsuccessful in finding what I 

5.     I can't even say how refreshing it is to be back home to fellowship.  To see old, familiar faces, and  
        to meet new ones and start friendship up has been so encouraging to me.

6.     Still waiting for baby Josiah to arrive...my first nephew!  After he's born I say they start working on  
        my first niece  :)

7.     I, or we finished the Kids Art Display Wall.  It's totally simple, but oh so cute to see the kids 
        enthusiasm to add their pieces to their board.  Symphony cam straight from school and added her 
        rocket ship she made.  I love it, and kick myself for not thinking of something like this before.
(there are 3 boards, one for each kiddo)

8.    The girls have this digital ATM bank, and the batteries are wasted...why has the humming from the 
        lifeless battery been going ALL DAY LONG?  I haven't had a chance to pull out a screwdriver, so 
        I am forced to hear it's annoying inconsistent hum.

9.    It's the little things in life that make me happy....like clean bathrooms and finally finding a laundry
       sorter that has quality removable bags!  Yes, I'm stoked!

10.  What a beautiful week this is as I reflect on God's unfailing love for me, His flooding grace, and  
       unending mercy.  Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

Monday, April 18, 2011


My little guy came down the stairs ready to go.  He had his little hat on and  *knew* he looked adorable.  He gave me those sweet eyes, and one of his avĂ´'s looks and was just the little charmer....I had to take a pic!  There are so many little things that this little guy does that remind me so very much of his grandfather, with the latest being sticking out his tongue when he's so very excited.  
On one of my many shopping trips to the ..dreaded.. JoAnn's this weekend, I took my little bambinos.  While in the letter aisle, Symphony decided to pose with a letter.  I made each one do the same, only Symphony didn't have an "S," so she improvised  :) 

This little guy is fascinated with snails, FASCINATED!  He has his little spot in the backyard that has the best snails, and it's where he goes immediately when the back door is opened up.  He'll find a snail or two and keep them with him for a good couple hours in the backyard, and then bring him in for a cartoon or movie, and a nice little evening.   Little conversations are the norm with the snails, as well as many tears when it's time to put the snail outside to go back to his family.  I just ♥ love ♥ this little picture of him with the snail on .my.banister.