Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.  The kids and I have enjoyed reading Strawberry Girl together in the evenings.   I've enjoyed cuddling up on the couch with my babes, or cuddling late in night with Symphony (when the littles are asleep) and reading it to her before her papa comes in to rest <3

2.  I've decided that I want to be a runner...for some reason people running in the area make this a strong desire for me.  Why?  I've always hated it and how hard it makes my breathing! Anyhow, we've started the Couch 2 10K app on my phone, now if only my ankle will heal up from the last attempt that put me out 3 weeks...ugh!

3.  This week is for potty training, and I think we just may have it nailed by the end.  I'm praying this was the last bit of diapers we will ever have to purchase!

4.  On the potty training note, my son wants to live in the bathroom 24/7.  The kid pees so many times in an hour!  Icebreakers are now our new best friend...they're his reward for each successful go at the potty!

5.  It's summertime, but we have been playing catch up on Symphony's math curriculum.  For some reason or other she fell behind by 60 lessons...yikes!  How that happened, I don't even know.  I am so very proud of her though, she has scored 94% and up with 3 100% in a row on her math tests.  She's a smart little cookie!

6.  The weather here in sunny California is warming up, yay!  We purchased a little 3'x10' pool for the kids, so guess where they'll be...or guess where I'll be making them be, haha!  It was the pool or passes to a water park with three kids, two of which don't swim very well on their own yet.  I can only imagine the stress of keeping an eye on all three, by myself...no thank you!

7.  I'm loving Pinterest, it could seriously swallow any extra time I have...if I allow it to. It's such a lovely place to gather up ideas of things and decor and all that lovely stuff!

8.  School will be starting, um well we haven't officially stopped yet, in August, and I have started ordering curriculum.  I can't wait to study the body with my girls for Science this year.  I know there will be many "oohs" and "ahhs".

9.  I'm hoping next week will be a week of continuing to decorate the girl's room and start up my son's room.  I kind of stopped for a couple months, but I want it done and over with.  :)

10.  Saturday will be spent with some really good treats and eats, hopefully!  We'll be at the IE Food Truck Fest....I think I'm most excited about the Roller Derby and not the food, haha!

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