Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love FaceBook in that I can quickly and easily update my status with pictures and the things being done at the moment.  Blogging isn't so easy and so it's somewhat on the back burner and if I remember to post, then I do, and if I don't, well then...that's just sad.  FaceBook can't be made into a book of memories like my blog can, so I think I will now turn Thursdays into a collection of some of the many status updates on FB.

Here are a few from this week, if you aren't on FB, there usually daily pics that you are missing out on...sorry!  

Symphony: mom....why does it smell like KFC hot sauce?

Me: because I was using vinegar to clean with

Symphony: what is wrong with that vinegar?

Hahaha! I guess the smell hasn't dissipated quickly!

ours was a perfect pool day until my son pooped in our very small above ground pool and it came out his swimmer diaper! I didn't notice until I saw him out of the pool... secluded. I asked Symphony if he pooped in the pool and she said "no, but me and Bella are taking a bunch of corn out!"....{gag} we had corn for dinner last night!

this morning the girls helped me make my bed. Bella said "first put the chocolate on!" (my chocolate brown sheets), "next put the frosting on!" (my white quilt)...oh to be little with such fun imaginations!

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