Monday, April 18, 2011


My little guy came down the stairs ready to go.  He had his little hat on and  *knew* he looked adorable.  He gave me those sweet eyes, and one of his avô's looks and was just the little charmer....I had to take a pic!  There are so many little things that this little guy does that remind me so very much of his grandfather, with the latest being sticking out his tongue when he's so very excited.  
On one of my many shopping trips to the ..dreaded.. JoAnn's this weekend, I took my little bambinos.  While in the letter aisle, Symphony decided to pose with a letter.  I made each one do the same, only Symphony didn't have an "S," so she improvised  :) 

This little guy is fascinated with snails, FASCINATED!  He has his little spot in the backyard that has the best snails, and it's where he goes immediately when the back door is opened up.  He'll find a snail or two and keep them with him for a good couple hours in the backyard, and then bring him in for a cartoon or movie, and a nice little evening.   Little conversations are the norm with the snails, as well as many tears when it's time to put the snail outside to go back to his family.  I just ♥ love ♥ this little picture of him with the snail on .my.banister.

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