Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

 1.     Saturday was a VERY productive day, despite a MAJOR headache.  Some of my many projects
        were completed and I am just in love with the outcome thus far...
     (some of the hoop art finished and hung, and curtain to cover the horrendous closet!)

2.     We have been talking about what to do in the backyard for what seems like years, and I think we 
        have finally come to some middle ground in agreement.  I can't wait!

3.     The girls each read their 15 books which meant In N Out (yum for 4 of the Aguiars, and yuck for 
        me!  I just smiled and "enjoyed" it with them).  They were so very cute as they placed their order  
        and gave the cashier their award to redeem.  I'm so proud of you girls!

4.     WalMart was my saviour this weekend.  I never thought I could actually like that store, but they had   
        exactly what I needed after going to four separate stores and being unsuccessful in finding what I 

5.     I can't even say how refreshing it is to be back home to fellowship.  To see old, familiar faces, and  
        to meet new ones and start friendship up has been so encouraging to me.

6.     Still waiting for baby Josiah to arrive...my first nephew!  After he's born I say they start working on  
        my first niece  :)

7.     I, or we finished the Kids Art Display Wall.  It's totally simple, but oh so cute to see the kids 
        enthusiasm to add their pieces to their board.  Symphony cam straight from school and added her 
        rocket ship she made.  I love it, and kick myself for not thinking of something like this before.
(there are 3 boards, one for each kiddo)

8.    The girls have this digital ATM bank, and the batteries are wasted...why has the humming from the 
        lifeless battery been going ALL DAY LONG?  I haven't had a chance to pull out a screwdriver, so 
        I am forced to hear it's annoying inconsistent hum.

9.    It's the little things in life that make me happy....like clean bathrooms and finally finding a laundry
       sorter that has quality removable bags!  Yes, I'm stoked!

10.  What a beautiful week this is as I reflect on God's unfailing love for me, His flooding grace, and  
       unending mercy.  Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

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