Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.  I get a good chuckle out of how different the hubby and I are.  I absolutely LOVE plastic and don't care for glass at all.  Whenever he drinks something it has to be out of a glass, not plastic.  Whenever I drink something it has to be out of plastic, not glass.  Yes, we have settings in glass and plastic.

2.  I have started (ahem, my third attempt) Fat to Skinny, in hopes of getting rid of all this weight.  I had my last baby almost 3 years ago, it's far past time for the weight to be gone.

3. We have been running for a total of three weeks, not consecutive weeks, but three weeks.  Okay, okay, three days for each week, so 9 days, BUT...I am up to running at a VERY s.l..o...w....  pace for 1:30 minutes without stopping, YAY!

4.  Redbox is now renting Wii games, and they happen to have the Michael Jackson game...WHAT???  I say it's time for my best friend Jen and I to have a dance floor night again, haha!  We've got the strobe lights ready!

5.  Papa Chulo has been doing awesome with potty training.  He only had three accidents all of last week. Go papa, go papa, go!

6.  One of my dear, precious friends, Marisa found out she's having a girl!  I will have my first niece, yippee!  I can't wait to get to making girly things <3

7.  I can't wait be involved and serve at the Superstropolis VBS next week!  It all looks like so much fun for the kiddos.

8.   Confession...I'm addicted to my iphone.  I love that I can read my Bible in bed at night, without the need for a light.  I also love all the apps that can keep me searching for hours.  Oh technology, what would I do without you?

9.  We watched the movie  Iranium  couple of weeks ago, which had me wondering how it was to live without electricity.  I like to watch the show Hoarders on Netflix, where many of these people have been without gas, electricity and water for quite some time.  This got me to thinking about times back when people lived without gas and running water, technology, and so many other things we depend on today.  I'm not gonna lie, the thought of an electromagnetic pulse bomb freaks me out!  That was a lot of nonsense I just types out...watch the movie.

10.  We finished reading Strawberry Girl and we are on to read How to Eat Fried Worms.  Tomorrow we will make some type of dessert calling for strawberries,  and after we read our next book, we will be making mud pies with gummy worms...fun!  

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