Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh My, Where To Begin?

Life has been hectic!

Here is just a brief update of lots of stuff:
  • September 2nd-began homeschooling Symph for Kindergarten and she is doing amazing (a huge reason as to why I have neglected this blog world)!
  • September 14th-Began ICAP Classes for Symph and she loves it! Not to mention Bella gets to go to preschool for free!
  • BellaSymphony continues to get busier and busier with our online boutique, Etsy, Nanny Deprived , and new boutiques carrying BellaSymphony (I don't even have time to update new items right now!)
  • My sewing room is almost done and it is amazing thanks to my handy hubby!
  • I am 32 Weeks prego and ready for this kid to get out! Why do so many women insist on asking when I am due and telling me they thought I would answer this month? Come on, do you not think I feel like I should pop soon?
  • October is here and we get to decorate for one of my favorite times of the year...HALLOWEEN! Not only do we get to decorate, but I get to make the girls costumes this year! Symph will be Alice and Bella will be the White Rabbit, and I think Dom and I may join in as the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts since we have a fun costume birthday party to attend for Isaac!
  • It's time to start on my boy's hot rod room!


foldreformer said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all that you've been up to! When things settle down, we'd love to get together. Faith is always asking to play with Symphony and Bella.

Hollands said...

I feel for you and your crazy busy life! Happy to hear "GOOD" things are happening in the Aguiar home; homeschooling, organization, making money,growning a baby in the belly and creative costumes!

Kadi said...

Just came to check up on you. How was the shower?
I know you are busy, but I'd love to feature you on my blog, as a boutique owner. If I send you some questions will you answer them? Just a few....I promise! Maybe if you want to donate a prize, we can do a contest to promote your store too!! It seems to work well for promotion! Just a thought. Let me know :)
Hugs~ Kadi