Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scratch That...

So, I think I will be listing some hot mod prints in my Etsy shop, or creating some funky retro looking dresses (probably the latter, since I have few vintage dress patterns set for arrival this week!).

One of my customers was so kind as to send me some fabric that she wasn't going to really have the time to use, and it happened to be one of my super favs right now from Alexander Henry...Los Novios! Thank you Mariana!

I have been wanting to decorate some place in our house with a Dia de Los Muertos theme and bright festive colors for years but to no avail. After discussing our Mod theme with Dom tonight and a Dia de Los Muertos room for the little guy, we came to a sweet compromise....a Kustom Hot Rod room! So, with that, we get to incorporate so much of his papa's love as well as so much of mine, and baby Dom will have a rockin' kustom room! Now it's off to sketchity-sketchland and overflowing ideas, but I love this idea so much more than the mod room!

A bit of inspiration and ideas of what we want to use, not to mention lots of other hot rod culture to be infused!

Pinstriping done by his papa (this isn't his papa's work!)

Bright festive zarape blankets, what Kustom car is complete without one?

Glitter vinyl with either tuck & roll or diamond pleating, gotta have the infusion of upholstery somewhere!

And of course, some sweet little pinups of his own!

And so many more fun ideas! I can't wait to start, if I could only find the time to empty out my scary sewing room that I dread to lay a foot in right now to make a Kustom Hot Rod room for him!

Business has been booming and not leaving me much time to clean all the scraps and mess up, so I decided to camp out in the kitchen now until my new sewing area is finished! I guess I need to schedule that clean up party, Jess and Marisa...you did say you would help!

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Rubyellen said...

that sounds way cool! makes me want a boy!!! but i am little nervous for that, so i will stick with 2 girls for now...