Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quirky, but I love it

in a strange way.  Symphony for some reason picked up this crazy little thing that comforted, soothed, relaxed, and caused her to go to sleep from the time she was about two.  As I think about it now, I am somewhat sad to say that she has grown out of it and now just "uses" me for her baby brother.  She used to call it "tickle", and if I wasn't around she would try to get her Vovo, Nana, Tia Jessica, Tia Marisa, or Auntie Jen to soothe her to go to sleep.

So, what exactly was "tickle"?  Well, she had to put her little hand on my belly button and push it in and out until she fell asleep.  Kinda quirky, but it was her little bond and way to be content to fall asleep.  Thank you to the women above that would go through this somewhat violating time with her just to let her go to mimi land.

Now she is more interested in just rubbing my belly and telling me how big baby brother is getting, and kissing him any chance that she sees the skin of my belly.  She is too adorable and prays for him every night, and wakes up and is there immediately to kiss him and talk to him about his night, "furniture", and "swimming pool"!

My Bella on the other hand has picked up something new too.  She just formed some silly habit where it soothes and comforts her to go to sleep by squeezing my arm all the way to my face in a very gentle little sequence.  It's kind of funny the way she does it, but it's also very sweet as she looks into my eyes, squeezes with her pattern and then falls right asleep.  How long this will last, I'm not sure, but I love it in it's funny little way.  I love it when my little babes fall asleep on me, it is one of the best feelings, and had I the time, I would hold them until they woke up again.

I am so very thankful that I have been blessed to stay at home with my little ones, and to have the opportunity to guard their hearts a bit longer than some mommies get to.

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Susan said...

that was such a precious post! oh, the things we do for love! (you win this one, becky. i don't know how long i could last letting anybody press my belly button in and out!!!)

i am tempted to do a blog of my own of my children and their quirky habits now. we shall see.

can hardly wait to see you and the rest of the aguiar family again.

love, susan