Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, A Hunting We Will Go..

That's what I thought until we arrived at the pumpkin patch in the high 90 degree weather.  I thought this was supposed to be Fall!  Anyway, we set out to pick our pumpkin but decided it was way too hot and sent Papa and Grandpo out for us.  They came back with some pretty white (yes, white) pumpkins, and my mom and I were super excited.  That was, until we found out they had picked them for Bella.  Not to fret, there were tables and tables of all the different types of pumpkins from their patch, er, farm!  My mom and I got to pick our own white pumpkins from the table, and Symph picked a humungous pumpkin...of course.  
The girls had a great time as we roamed the farm.  We all sat and had a water break along with super sweet ice pops to cool us down, Symph went into the jumper and bounced off the walls a bit, while Bella took a pony ride.  They topped their day off with the petting zoo where Nana took it like a champ with all those dirty sheep and goats!  Thank you mom!  The highlight of the girls time here was the monkey who would shake your hand for a ticket or $1.  If only I had caught their expressions, they were priceless!
We had lots of fun, and this has been our yearly tradition as a mommy and me kind of group, but this year it was saved for Nana and Grandpo!  Thank you mom and dad for such a fun and long day! 
A little side note, we drove over with my parents which is always a request of the girls.  My parents took us back to our casa and my mom spoiled us with a delicious spaghetti dinner!  We had one very blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

What a darling photo of the girls holding hands over the big pumpkin!

Tia Susie