Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

So tonight was the big night the girls had waited for...pumpkin carving!  My dad surprised the girls with a visit that included a toy (of course, he's always spoiling them!) and popcorn!  What visit could be better for a little one?  After they worked on opening those "easy to open" packages that the toys came in, we all enjoyed a donut and waited for tio and tia to come on over.  I was busy sewing (what's new?), and the show had to go on!

The girls picked out their design, and Symph got the go ahead from her tia to draw her pumpkins face.  Little did she know that papa had already had a few designs for Symph to choose from.  So off they went and cleaned out the guts, while Mike and Jess decided to make sounds as if it were torturing the pumpkin to do so.  Symph became a bit hesitant, but enjoyed it all for the most part.  It was so cute to watch her little face as she concentrated on carving her perfect pumpkin!  Bella made a silly pumpkin, I don't even know who drew the face on it  :)

As the carving came to an end Symph and Bella both finally decided to get their hands dirty by separating the pumpkin from the seeds.  This is a huge deal for my girls who can't handle to have anything on their hands that makes them dirty.  Not to mention, probably being a bit scared of what their tia and tio were doing with the sound effects earlier.

I decided at the last minute with the suggestion of my brother, to make a Jack Skellington pumpkin, and he came out cute!  Thanks brother!

Here are some pictures, please excuse the randomness of them!  I just got a mac and it's funky to learn for me!  I am also without my closest companion....Photoshop!  ahhhh....

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Anonymous said...

These are great family traditions the girls (and the grown-ups) will cherish. Lots of fun, happy memories, and nice Jack Skellington (sp?) pumpkin, too!

Tia Susie