Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Mean Tia...

Tia Jessica is known to rile up my girls, or the kids, to be exact.  Of course it's not to really get them mad, but just to play around.  My girls love her dearly, but sometimes, she's the "mean tia" as my brother calls her (jokingly, of course!). Well tonight she made it clear that she didn't need Symph's help separating the pumpkin from the seeds (just uping the drama of their prissiness).  Apparently this really hurt my very tired daughter's feelings, so she took the matter into her own hands as to how this situation should be dealt with.  Mind you my daughter loves to draw!  

Of course my brother was beaming with her drawing, while the mean tia wasn't so happy!  Apologies were given, and of course, she is still loved and adored by Symphony :)

1 comment:

Hollands said...

uh o', should I be expecting a drawing for the "no running" mean Auntie Jen at school....

I feel for you "Mean Tia Jessica"