Monday, September 22, 2008

34 down

We had a fun time today as we finished our homeschooling quickly without fuss to surprise Papa for his birthday. The girls insisted that we have balloons for him, which forced me to get into the never ending closet and clean it out (good thing there's no pics of it!). We found balloons, silver ribbons for streamers, and a roll of paper to make him a birthday banner. I then quickly got the girls situated with lunch, popped in the cupcakes they were supposed to make, continued to rearrange the closet and put it back together, then finished the icing off with a crushed Skor bar (one of his favorites) and blue glitter sprinkles. Oh the things you find and come up with at the last minute for the ones you love! After this we rushed upstairs and got ready, and the girls yelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA" as he entered the door from work. He's loved and he knows it! Thank you babe for being such a wonderful husband and papa. We are all very blessed to have a man like you in our lives to lead us, provide for us, protect us, and most of us. We admire you and love you munto, munto! Enjoy the pics of them being silly like always!


Rubyellen said...

Oh tell him happy birthday from the bratchers!!! So, ben and him are both 74's. Ben turns 34 this december.

Becky... i want some cupcakes! with skor topping!!! puh-lease!

Susan said...

happy birthday, dom! may you be overwhelmed by our Lord's blessings upon you and your family this year.

hugs, susan

Susan said...

by the way, becky - those are great looking cupcakes! and little family celebrations are my favorite :O) isn't it wonderful to watch your little ones in preparation for things like this? i can hardly keep my kids from exploding with excitement when we're getting ready for a private party :O)

Hollands said...

Cute birthday pics!