Friday, September 19, 2008

Down at the LA Fair

We love the fair and try to go as much as possible when it's here. Although they suck the life out of you money wise, there are still lots of fun things to do and see that don't take the shirt off your back as payment! :)The girls sporting the Halloween clothes Nana brought them the night before...they can't wait for Halloween (just like their mama!)

Since this would be our last chance to go this year, we headed out on Friday with not only free tickets from my dad, but we dropped his name and we had free parking in the nice lot too! It happened to be Chino Hills Day at the fair, and my sister was singing so we were granted a few privileges...haha!
After my sister did an awesome job of singing the National Anthem and Hero, we took off and shopped around. We didn't buy anything but food which is ridiculously priced, but we did come home with an awesome garden gnome that we've had our eye on...thank you mom and dad!

After our looking around, we took Symph and Bella to the Winter Wonderland and Symph got to sit on Santa's lap and take a picture. I could just choke this Santa because apparently he told Symph that he would bring her a Vintage Hot Rod Barbie that is in the Museum there at the fair as long as she cleaned her room and listened to me. Great! He promised her something that won't ever possibly happen!

Aside from that, Symph had a blast sledding over and over again on the little snow hill they had in the exhibit. I told her to keep going, hey it was free and was one of the funnest "rides" she had been on, not to mention it was snow! Symph and Bella went and played in the snow afterwards, and then the building closed. It was perfect, because no money had to be spent on rides this time, and they still had a blast!Shortly after that we left the fair for 2008....we'll be back next year all 5 of us!

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Rubyellen said...

Sounds cool to have some perks!

Your parents are so sweet, I love hearing all the things they do for their children and grandchildren.

Yay... for the 5 of you next year!