Thursday, September 18, 2008

Simply loved....or , uh spoiled?

My mom and dad decided to stop by and see the girls tonight. My mom had already told me that she had bought the girls little Halloween clothes that she wanted to bring for them after she got off work, so we were excited for her arrival. My mom's clothes were loved by the girls and they couldn't wait to put them on. They love Halloween and can't wait for it's arrival!

Little did we know that my dad would be coming, which makes it even nicer to have them visit together! My mom had told my dad about how she had bought them some clothes, so of course my dad made a quick shopping trip. :) He came to our house with toys for the girls that they instantly fell in love with. He got Bella this little dog set that came with two dogs, a dog bed, to dog carriers, and a dog stroller, she was in love, and so was Symph! Symph got a cool cupcake baking set that she loved as well as Bella. These girls were in heaven and couldn't keep there hands off of there new little possessions!

It was a really nice evening because a few minutes later we had a knock on our door and it was my brother and Jess. All of the familia except for Krysten :( We ended up going out to Casa Sanchez's together here in Fontana, and had a very nice night together. I miss our family nights....

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