Sunday, September 14, 2008


I love to cuddle with my girls before they go to sleep, and pray with them before they enter dream land. It is a blessing to have them "remind" me each night that "we need to talk to Jesus," and I love that bedtime has it's routine.

As I laid with my sweet little Bella, I held her close, kissed, ok and hugged her tightly saying "I don't want you to get big!" (she is growing so quickly, ok maybe not in stature, but her little mind is quickly maturing) . Immediately she wiped her little chest and said "Ilikeybigoff" and totally threw me for a loop because she may wipe some people's kisses off, but no her mamas. I said "why are you wiping my kisses off " and as she repeated it again, I understood what she was saying a bit more clearly. She was telling me that she wiped the big stinkin' cute is that? She told me she would stay little and "wipe the big off."

Ahh, little heartbreakers I tell you. Anything to make me happy, even if it means staying little forever! :) I am blessed beyond measure with my family and am so very thankful that God has given me such joy with all of them!


Rubyellen said...

this is so sweet. i want brave and true to wipe the big off too!

thank you for the gift... i love the dress and the shoes are just marvelous!!!

Hollands said...

O' so sweet.... a memory to hold on to forever. It's those kind of memories that seem to replace the slipping in pee..... or at least make the pee slide worth it! :0)

foldreformer said...

this is stinkin' cute! she is such a sweet pie, I just adore your girls :O)