Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good bye baby boy, hello tough guy!

My little guy has had this "awesome" hairstyle for a bit now.  Not quite the mullet, a bit of a comb over, and a good length of a ducktail going on in the back.  His little ducktail would get all frizzed out and knotted, but I was ok with that.  I had hopes of it all eventually growing out so that he'd have cool little his Nino did when he was a little guy.  I did the wrong thing and encouraged my husband to buzz his head, with the idea of baby Dom just having an even cut.

Out came the cape and clippers, and us waiting to see the reaction.  Dom took the first swipe and I was so sad!  Instantly my baby boy's hair was buzzed short, and there was no turning back.  Baby Dom sat there quietly, and a bit scared of the sound, but didn't cry.  He had his first big boy haircut, er, buzz.  Now he looks like a little man...{{{tear}}}...

Well, now it will all grow out evenly to give him his first mohawk!  This is the exact face he made when he saw his buzzed head in the mirror.  He was probably thinking "what the heck did they do to me?"

Oh the joys of little boys!


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