Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday My Bella Gracie!

This precious little girl turned four years old today! Four, I can't believe how quickly time has gone by!  She has a beautiful heart, and I am so sad to see her grow into more of a little girl each day.  She has the sweetest little spirit, yet she's feisty and can pack a punch for sure.  She is lovely and loves to give love.  She's a cuddler and loves to give kisses so much that I think it overwhelms her to the point of kissing us so hard that she hurts us.  Her hugs and caressing drive her brother and sister crazy because she's so touchy feely with them, but it's just a genuine love that she has and wants to give.

I could go on and on about what a blessing this little girl is to all of us, but I won't.  I am so very beyond thankful that God has loaned such a beautiful soul to us to raise and guide her in the ways of her Saviour, and to see what beautiful grace God continues to pour on us.

My Bella

  • can write her name
  • give super hard bear hugs to the point of it causing pain (totally not intentional)
  • will still wipe the "biggy off" for me
  • is full of energy and life
  • has an imagination that is hilarious
  • talks out of control...a true chatterbox
  • loves, loves, loves being girly (dress up, nail polish, purses, lipgloss, makeup, high heels)
  • loves sweets (is definitely my daughter!)
  • makes up the cutest songs to worship God
  • is so into being "fashion"
  • loves to give leg massages with lotion and hot towels!
  • can jump rope all by herself, yippee  :)
  • loves school and learning
  • puts up a good fight with her big sister
  • is such a beautiful reminder of her name, Bella Grace, Beautiful Grace.
I love you so much mama, and I am so very blessed in all the ways that you open my eyes to see God's love!  


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