Tuesday, June 1, 2010


1...2...3.... just checking in on some new things!



Susan said...

Your blog looks adorable! So very Becky ;)

How is your de-cluttering going? I'm in a constant state of exfoliating and simplifying. I'm going to send you a book that I LOVE. It always helps me to go crazy on my home's troubled areas. And it's a very easy read. It doesn't tell you how to de-clutter necessarily, rather, it gives you serious reasons WHY you NEED to clear your clutter.

Love you!


Becky said...

Thank you Susan! I've had a little fun trying some new things out on her, and feel it's a bit me :)

De-cluttering is going okay, kind of, ha! I haven't been doing much, I'm sort of on burn out right now, so I need to get recharged. I'll totally be looking forward to the book, I'm excited to read it!