Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom!

That was the theme of the Circus that was in town, and the surprise that I was looking forward to my girls enjoying!  I got a call on Wednesday from Tia Jessica asking me if her and my brother could take the girls to the circus the next day, and well, of course they could!  I knew the girls would have a blast, and I was secretly hoping that Dom would take me on a date that night to see the circus, but no dice on the date!

Anyhow, the girls had a blast and of course were spoiled as always.  They were taken to dinner, had their faces painted at the Circus, watched an amazing show, and had it topped off with a humongous lollipop!  Whoever painted their faces did an amazing job!  Bella had me laughing for a long while since I couldn't ell if she was really smiling or not, once she was at home.

Thank you Tia Jessica and Tio Michael for loving us so, oh, and for taking us out for a special date!  We love you so much  :)

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Susan said...

So cute! I want to go to the circus. I need to look that up.