Friday, July 31, 2009

Motorcross, Speedway... I Still Get Confused

I guess I should learn what the difference is since the hubby wants to make it a monthly thing.  We decided to go and watch some racing on Friday night and Grandpo went along with us.  It was totally new to him, Symph had been there once as a little one, and well Bella and little Dom  would have a new experience.  We walked up, got our tickets, and walked through the gates, and it looked a bit different to me, but hey, it had been a while so it made no difference.  Well, yes it did make a difference.  The reason why it looked so different was because we were right up close to the track, and had mud spit up and flung at us whenever the racers kicked out their wheel and revved their engine to turn (which we happened to be sitting right at the turn).  I told Dom we had to move because I couldn't possibly be guarding the baby all night and enjoy the races, so we got up to move to the opposite side.  As we got up my dad asked what was going on with Bella, and when I turned to look at her, she was full of tears and totally upset. She had been crying and none of us even knew it because it was so super loud.  Poor baby.

As we went to the other side, she continued to cry with her hands over her ears "I want to get out of here!"  mind you, I totally forgot that she hates motorcycles not only because of their loud sound, but because her Tio Michael fell off of one, which really burned that motorcycles aren't good into her little memory.  We sat down and, yep a little more dirt in the face, but I was totally thankful that there were some pretty hefty guys in front of us catching the majority of the dirt instead of us.  One guy had a good portion in his beer cup.  There were lots of crashes, one rider even had his chest ran over by another rider, and by the middle of the races Bella eased up.  I encouraged her to pick her favorite, and then we would both cheer that racer on.  By the end of the evening, she was loving it.  I did fail to mention that there were tiny little racers out there too, one of them was 4 years old!  

It's amazing how these guys and the one little girl race their bikes.  They flip their back wheel forward to make the turn and throw their leg out to help them, all in hopes of not crashing or falling over or off their bike.  Lots of adrenaline filled the crowd, and it was a fun time out on another balmy Friday summer night.

All in all we had a great time as a family, not to mention my dad winning the 50/50 (purchasing only 5 tickets!).  From here on out, we will be bringing earplugs and sitting in the top rows! Who knows, little Dom may be riding one when he's 4... his papa is already scheming it in his head.

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