Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Unexpected, Lovely Evening

It's summertime, and the heat is on, yet the evenings are nice and balmy.  Totally not typical for us Californians!  Today Tia Susie called and invited us to a concert in the park to enjoy a children's band (I forgot their name already!), and so we were going to surprise the girls with a little outing. 

We stopped by the grocery store and picked up some little snacks, but Tia Susie and Uncle Dan brought little treats for the girls, so of course mine didn't stand a chance.  Really, popcorn and ice cream vs. crackers and cheese, ya she wins.  

We headed on over to the park and the girls were a bit confused because we really haven't done the concerts in the parks with them, and to them, a park is a place to play tag, ride bikes, and go down slides, all of which we weren't really there to do.  We had a little time before the show began,  so we walked about the little booths where Symph got to try out a Clarinet at Claremont's School of Music booth, and Bella got to strum a harp!  

Tia Susie and Uncle Dan showed up, and we went to sit down and enjoy the evening.  I don't think the girls were really too into the music, as much as they were into enjoying the company of their Tia Susie and Uncle Dan.  They had a lovely night of running barefoot in the grass, eating ice cream, and just hanging out and being loved by their Tia and Uncle. It was a lovely unplanned night indeed, and yes, they did get to play at the park afterwards!

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