Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And so I giggle quietly to myself..

It's really quite fun to listen in on the little bedtime stories that the girls are told by their papa.  He asks them what they want a story about and allows them to give the characters names.  Dom, mind you is extremely tired, keeps going on and on with his stories because the girls are so intrigued.  He does great for about 10 minutes and then I constantly here  "and what papa" which is when I know he's falling asleep and losing the whole bedtime story as he dozes in and out. Again, it's "then what, papa" and Dom is struggling to stay wake as the girls are questioning every little bit he comes up with.  Poor guy, he's just trying to get them to sleep, but they are on the edge of the bed waiting for more, with no desire to fall asleep, but to hear so much more of their papa's great imagination.

Oh, how I love them at this age, and how I love Dom!  He really is a cool papa, and makes me giggle!

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Susan said...

Precious. My hubby puts our boys to sleep, too.