Friday, April 24, 2009

Believe Me, I Know

This has been over a two year feat that has yet to be tackled until now.  All my friends and family that know will be amazed to know that.....drumroll please......we have finally moved the girls to sleep in their room ALONE!  Many times I feel like I'm heartless in a lot of my dealings with the girls, and that Dom is so tender and kindhearted.  Needless to say, I deal with them almost 24/7, and he really doesn't have to do the disciplining like I do.  He's mostly there for the "Papa I missed you" and "Papa can we cuddle when Saturday comes?".  I'm the not so fun, and won't put up with nonsense mama.  Why?  Because if not my kids will rule me, and let me let you know, I will not have that.  

So, off the side note...  When we do get out and drive around, it always happens to be between 12 PM to 3PM, and my absolute favorite no nonsense person of all is blaring in my little Matrix filled with three little ones and myself.  Symphony and Bella have come to recognize the voice of Dr. Laura, and how much mama loves to hear her talk to others.  On one particular day, a mother called in to get advice as to how she could get her daughter to quit sleeping with her.  Her daughter was 9 years old (4 years older than Symph), and my mind went spinning on how this was soon to be me.  As Dr. Laura gave her caller advice, I made sure Symph was listening in.   The caller was basically advised to have her daughter sleep in her own room starting that day, and if she wouldn't go along with her sleeping in her room, that the mother was to get a lock and lock the door at night.  I immediately asked Symph if she was listening and she said she was.  Dr. Laura was talking about how it wasn't a healthy habit that the mother had brought upon her daughter, and my mind started up again to pursue the tenderhearted Dom to get his little lovlies out of my room.  It really didn't cause him to want to take any action, so se la vie.

Well, our sleeping conditions were as such, Symphony slept on the couch in our room, Bella slept in the middle of her mama and papa, and the baby...well, he slept in his bassinet on my side of the bed  (this was good news, since I slept holding my two girls when they were newborns in fear of something happening to them while I slept).  Bella had just become way too much of a fighter at night with her kicking, hitting, and screaming in the middle of the night.  Dom and I were the recipients of  lots of beatings, and it wasn't fun!  I finally had it and told Dom that was it, and that the girls were to be out on Friday.  I let the girls know and it was quite funny the response I got.  Symphony told me she would cry, and I said that crying was fine and she would get over it.  Here's my conversation with Bella:

B: I'm gonna cry
M:  It's ok, I won't hear you
B: I'm gonna scream
M: I'll shut my door and turn the radio up loud
B: I'll hit the door
M: I'll spank you
B: Then I'll kick the door

I had to hold myself together and not laugh, and told her what I would do to her, which I won't post here  :)

So guess what?  We did it (a week after the Friday we said we would, because they needed a bed), and they have done awesome.  The first night had a few tears, but they woke up so very happy with their accomplishment.  We took them for ice cream to celebrate them sleeping like big girls in their own bedroom.  The following day we went and purchased some soft sheets for Symph, and today Tia Jessica is taking them to get posters to hang in their room.

It's weird now, I feel like I actually have a bed to sleep in, without hanging off the edge!  What a relief this is, I actually have a husband to sleep next to, and not little hands making their way over my eyes, nose, and lips!


Jen said...

Yeah! Good for you...

mrs.deane said...


Loved this post. You are funny.

Hugs, Susan

Jen said...

O' and post some pics of the new bed! :0)

knelson said...

Way to go Beck! And Dom! :O) It must be so nice to have your selves to yoursleves, and good for your marriage, too :O)

The World of Jessica said...

Very, Very Proud of you guys !! Now teach them to knock before they come in, so you don't get any surprises :)

Jessikah said...

Way to go!!!! it sounds like it went pretty good too!! I love me some dr Laura!!!!!!!!!! :)