Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Papi Chulo...5 Months

Where have they gone?  I say with all our running around to get everyone well and checked up, these past 5 months have just crept on by too quickly.

Papi Chulo:
rolls over onto his tummy and back over onto his back
loves to play with his sisters
is too attached to me
lights up with a huge smile when I walk by him
smiles constantly
has a very contagious giggle
has discovered that he has a voice
possesses a temper and is very impatient (gotta break this)
loves to stare at our faces until we acknowledge him
LOVES RICE CEREAL!  (today is his first try at it)

We love you so much Papi Chulo!


Jen said...

I love his little face in the last pic with his big brown eyes looking up. Urrrgggghhhhhhh...this is me wanting to squeeze him and get some lovin'!

the mumpersfromidaho said...

Adorable!! We love him too!