Thursday, December 25, 2008

My How Time Flies By!

He is such an alert little guy and so very lovable!  The girls are constantly smothering him with kisses and he's already earned a few nicknames in his first few weeks of life.  I'll leave you with a few that he's been called thus far:

Papa Chulo
Papas (our favorite and most often used)

Leaving the hospital

Welcome home!

Gazing at me and thinking about this out of the womb stuff  :)
Sweet little dreams, and being held by his Bella
His first Christmas, and not a single good pic of my own!
Just hanging out on mamas bed
One month old!


Susan said...

oh, becky and dom. little dom is so precious! these are great pictures. i love how small they are when they take their first car ride. i can hardly wait to see you all again.

Rubyellen said...

oh thank you! i have been checking for more pics... he is so handsome!!! we really can't wait to meet him!