Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sister Why Did You..

I have become a bit insensitive to my daughter's bouts with illness lately.  Is it because I am some mean, horrible and neglectful mom? No, it isn't, I love my kids bigger than the sky (as we always say to each other), but Symph has been a bit dramatic lately and that's what I thought she was being, drama.  So I came home with In N Out in hand and as soon as I walked into the house she started with her "ohing and awing" and it was just so fake.  She ate herself some In N  Out and she was fine.  She knocked out on the couch and we called it a night for her and Dom took her upstairs to sleep.

Later I came up and tried to catch up with life on the good ol' time sucker (my mac) when I heard a weird cry.  I ran into the room and immediately picked Symph up and swung her towards the trash can.  Uh, ya, she was sick alright!  I had wonderful In N Out throw up all across the carpet and on my pants....totally gross!  My little sidekick who's attached at the hip (Bella) had ran in with me and this was her input as Dom and I scrubbed the carpet:

"Symph, why did you spit on the floor?  You don't spit on the floor, that's disgusting.  Ew, look how gross, now mama and papa have to clean up your spit.  Next time spit in the trash can."

I had to turn my head as I quietly laughed a Bella and her first hand experience with someone "spitting" in front of her.  If only she knew what it really was!  I guess she doesn't remember the last time she "spit" all over my bathroom floor.  

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