Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And So It Ends...

My precious friend Jen has been so generous not only to me, but my family.  As I tried my hardest to get back to normalcy in my daily life, I thank  God that I have precious friends like her that pull all of us friends together.  

Jen has always been such a great friend to me, she is sometimes my mouth to speak (I hate to be aggressive with people I know), always an encourager, a definite go-to for advice, a "lioness" protecting her own (as Susan once stated), and beyond caring and loving with not only myself but my family also.  It's kind of tradition that all of us old friends pull together and drop off meals for a week for a new mama out of the hospital, a way to let them get on their feet and have one less thing to think about doing.  We often get a day to bring a nice meal for the family, and even get to take a peek at the newest addition to the family.  Jen surpassed this and had meals for us for an entire month!  Not only did she have them for an entire month, but she had my best interest at hand.  She had each meal, (with a couple of exceptions!) delivered to her home and then dropped them by to us.  Why would we have it done this way?  Well, not only did I have the baby, but I also ended up having a large capacity of both of my lungs filled with blood clots and because of this I was told to get plenty of rest (how to do this with three little ones under the age of five I'm not quite sure).  Jen knows me well and that I would try to clean up my downstairs (where we were basically camping out), each day that a friend would come over to drop off a meal.  Not only that, but I truly needed rest and would want to visit with friends when I really couldn't handle it physically.  She was a "lioness" protecting her own and laid down the guidelines in providing meals for my family.  I am so thankful for all that Jen, along with her family, has done for us.  She is a golden friend, a my mom stated.

So, now onto cooking dinner and actually having to go grocery shopping.  Ugh, I haven't done this in over two months, I hope I still know how to do it...totally kidding!

A very big thank you to all my friends who pulled together to help us out in such a big time of need!  I will be sending thank you cards, so don't think I've forgotten  :)  I am very appreciative!

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