Thursday, January 1, 2009

And That Makes 9, Baby!

Not only is it the start of a New Year, but it's also our 9th Anniversary!  We have been smooth sailing and blessed abundantly!  I adore this man that God chose for me more and more each day, and look forward to growing old with him, and being his girl.

May you all have a blessed New Year and not only see all that you have been blessed with, but be grateful of it all. 


Rubyellen said...

happy anniversary!!!

i am so encouraged by dom's and your testimony of faith and trust in God. May your love for each other abound more and more as you fall in love with God.

contrarian 78 said...

I feel more than privileged to have witnessed what is some senses the birth of your family on that fateful changing of the dial from the 1900s to the 21st century.

Waiting for the party in 2050,
J.A. Deane

Susan said...

I totally remember this moment :O) I think I have that very picture, or maybe the one on top of your site. What a fun night - cold, though!

I guess you two are proof that it's not bad luck to see one another before you walk down the aisle :O)

We're coming up on our 9th anniversary this March. Yea!