Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please tell me why...

so many women find it necessary to ask dumb questions?  The dumbest one that I have gotten EVERY single day for at least two weeks "are you sure you're not pregnant with twins?"  I know I'm huge in front, and it looks like this kid should have been out a week ago, but come on don't they think that I probably already feel huge and wish this kid was out a week ago? 

Some women really need to keep their comments and questions to least all the ones I've ran into the past two weeks!  There's nothing wrong with asking about a due date or the gender, but please don't rub it in!


foldreformer said...

Call me crazy, but I am actually envious of your belly :O) Having two kids and never really feeling pregnant will do that to a person :O) I think you look beautiful becky :O)

And by the way, I am loving your ranting and listing in your blog, I guess that is part of nesting in the 21st century!


foldreformer said...

It could be worse... "Are you sure your not having quadruplets?"


Jessikah said...

I carry my kids VERY large and always got the same questions... at first its funny but then it quickly is the worst question you could get asked, along with omg your still pregnant..... yah thanks for rubbing that one in too!!! Im sure you look amazing!!!!!

Rubyellen said...

your stories are so funny! and some people are just so dumb when it comes to this belly thing.

i remember being 8 months pregnant and walking into a salon and a girl looked at me and said, "are you pregnant?!!" I wanted to say, "no. just fat!" are you kidding? i was huge... my belly was sticking out like a bullet!!!

well, you are a cute prego woman and little baby dominique will be coming soon!!!