Friday, November 21, 2008

Down to the one week

disappointment appointments.  I had my doctors appointment today and let's just say that I wasn't too excited with the news. Why do we as expectant mamas expect great news like "you're dilated to a three and he can come anytime now."  Nope, not me!  I am only dilated 1 cm and only 40% effaced.....this kid just wants to bake inside of me for who knows how long.  

As the nurse was checking the heart rate she looked at me strangely and said that she didn't think the baby was even in position and that he looked like he was lying sideways.  Oh Lord have mercy on me!  She was telling me that there were two options and one was for me to see another doctor who would attempt to move the baby into position.  All I could think was that she was crazy if she thought I would go through pain like that.  I can't imagine a doctor continuously pushing on my stomach until this child decided to move, if he wanted to move!  She then started pressing my tender stomach all over and found that the baby was in position and that nothing would need to be done after all.  Thank you Lord for your mercy! 

So, I guess that I am grateful that:
  • everything is looking the way it should be at this point
  • my blood pressure and all that important stuff is perfectly fine
  • baby Dominique is growing right on target 
  • I have had a healthy and smooth pregnancy that I so easily take for granted, shame on me!
  • God will bring him into this world when he's done baking

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