Thursday, November 20, 2008

18 more

days, and this little one should be on his way.  I am more than ready to birth this child and have a normal functioning body.  

A body that can:

  • breathe normally without running out of breath to do just about anything:  to pick something up, eat, go up the stairs, talk on the phone, cut material, sew, ugh the list goes on!  
  • appropriately circulate my blood and not swell the upper half of my body up because of how baby Dominique is laying on my arteries
  • turn over in the middle of the night without having to figure out  how to sit myself up to turn around
  • can digest food normally and not keep me up cursing the chocolate covered raisins that are sitting in my throat that I ate before going to sleep at 4:20AM
  • actually take a shower without knocking everything off the shelves when I turn around and hit it with my huge belly
  • normal skin, that isn't full of "chickenpox" as Symph keeps telling me.

Oh, the list could go on and on with each day that he chooses not to arrive early!   I am just glad that he isn't here yet because I've got a grip of things to make him and need the time, not to mention orders for BellaSymphony!

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