Friday, July 18, 2008

"Look at me, I 'm a big girl!"

This is all Symph could say as we left her Vovo's house tonight. Dom and I got to have a nice little break from our regular Friday night Bible study (that he is doing just wonderfully at teaching!), to go on a little mama and papa date night. Of course, the night was filled with thoughts of Symph and Bella, so we ended up just spoiling them...we spoiled ourselves too with yummy Kishi's and the company of each other. Sorry for the detour! So we caved in and bought Symph a backless booster seat, in hopes of adding some space to our small backseat to accommodate baby brother's car seat when he arrives. When we got to their Vovo's house to pick them up, Dom went and changed out her old car seat for the new one so that we could surprise her. When she got in the car she was super excited, giggly, giddy, and unable to contain herself. She kept yelling out to her vovo's "look at me, I'm a big girl!"

On our way home she started to not really like being a big girl because there wasn't a place to rest her sleepy head, and that the sea part was itchy, and that it didn't hold her in when we took a turn, and, and, and and so on and so on. We kept telling her that she could use her old seat if she preferred, but she couldn't decide which one she wanted. She wanted to be a "big girl" in the new booster seat, but the luxuries weren't all there, or were they? As we stopped to get a late night shake, Dom made a sharp turn and I told her to hold onto her handles and steer it like a race car...SOLD! Then, as we waited to leave the drive-thru, I showed her the awesome cup holders that were hidden in her seat...SOLD! She is so excited that she has this seat and doesn't even want to use the old seat again....hmm if only life could be that convincing sometimes!

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Anonymous said...

Symphony has already figured out that to being a big girl is great, but some aspects of being a little girl are hard to give up...that's something I'm still learning and she figured it out at four years old! She amazes me. What a darling girl, and great "salesmenship," on getting her to like her new seat.

Tia Susie