Sunday, July 27, 2008


So simple, so easy, and kids just suck them in! Tia Jessica bribed Symph with a Libby Lu and John's Incredible Pizza day on one condition...

Sleeping in her room like a big girl!

Although I didn't think it would work, but she took it in and she was determined to try it out. What a bribe, all she had to do was sleep in her room for 3 days in a row and she would earn this trip with her tia, who spending time with is more than enough for Symph (A little side note, my girls are so very loved and spoiled by her. She adores my girls and it is reciprocated back to their tia).

So, me being the skeptical mother I am, knew she wouldn't fall for it, and that it would take a few weeks of attempts before it was mastered. The first night didn't work out so great as she ended up in our room. Her tia called her in the morning to see how it went, and before she even got a word in, Symph said "I need to try again!" Poor baby, I could hear her dissappoinment.

We tried the following night and just blew up what a fun day it would be to go to Libby Lu and JIP. That night was a nightmare as I had been trying to finish up a quilt for my grandmother's birthday very late at night. I tucked myself in at an early 3AM and here was Symphony for a drink of water...
a good night kiss...
a late night potty run...
and of course the "I don't want to sleep in my room," interruptions to my much needed sleep. She came in at least every 15 minutes until 5:30AM, and I gently rubbed her little back and hugged her each time telling her she could start another day if she wasn't ready to do this yet. I have no problem with her tucking her little self in on the floor next to my side. I'm actually quite at ease with her being there rather than her own room because she's in plain sight for me. She was determined to sleep in her own room because she wanted her special day, and so she finally laid her head down in her room to sleep until 8:30AM! YAY!

Tia Jessica heard from her bright and early as she was excited about her accomplishment, and Symph was encouraged by her tia to continue to sleep in her room for the next two days. Symph eventually just laid herself down, waited for us to tuck her in and pray with her, and went to sleep for the night with no more interruptions!

Sunday was the big day, and she was given the Libby Lu treatment, and came back with little extensions in her hair, lots of glitter on her face and in her hair, sparkle nail polish, a cool Hannah Montana headset, and lots of other fun stuff. After her appointment we met up with her as we celebrated her accomplishments with a night of fun and excitement at John's Incredible Pizza.

I'm so proud of her!

Thank you tia Jessica for getting one out, there's one more to go!

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