Sunday, July 27, 2008

What about me?

Today we dropped sister off to go and celebrate her special day with her tia Jessica and tio Michael. She was going to have her fun at Libby Lu and John's Incredible Pizza for her accomplishment. I told Dom that we should at least take Bella to one of the two places so that she wasn't left out, and so we decided to take Bella in the evening to meet up with them and told Mike and Jess that we would meet up with them at John's Incredible Pizza.

As Symph got ready to leave, Bella was in her tia's arms, and looked at her sweetly and said "what about me?". Of course that was a little heartbreaking, so Bella was invited to go. Mind you, Bella did "try" to sleep like a big girl with sister, but wasn't as successful, but hey she tried!

Bella got to go with her sister, and was spoiled too! They took her to Build-a-Bear and made her a monkey. She loves her monkey! They even got her monkey a Tinkerbell outfit with sparkly shoes! My brother and Jess are just so wonderful with children, and such a blessing to our girls.

Thank you guys for the influence you have and continue to make in their lives!

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