Friday, June 27, 2008

Swim Lessons

I have every hope that Symph will learn how to swim this summer. She is so afraid of pools, and she needs to know how to swim! Today was her first lesson, and she did well. She was already tired and asking if she could go to sleep on the way down to the pool, so I knew the experience wouldn't be the greatest. We sat there and cheered her on giving her a thumbs up, and her smiles soon turned into tears. She cried a bit, but overall she did so much better than I expected.

Bella was really upset that she didn't get a turn like Symph, and I told her I needed to call the lady to ask her if there was a lesson for her. All the way home and until she went to sleep, she was reminding me to "call the lady". I think Bella may be swimming before her big sister...

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Anonymous said...

So, did you "call the lady?" =)

Bella is so funny!

Tia Susie