Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Jesus

Symph: "Thank you for baby brother, please protect him and let him have sweet dreams, Amen".

This little girl just steals my heart with her love and thoughtfulness. Tonight as we were getting ready to put Bella to sleep, Symph came over hugged my belly and said that little prayer. She then asked if she could kiss him goodnight, and did so.

She is in love with her baby brother, and hasn't even seen him yet (aside from the ultrasound screen). Daily she talks to me about him, hugs and kisses my stomach, has little conversations with him, and always prays for him while touching my stomach. Sometimes I pretend along and tell her that baby brother said this or that, and her little face just beams with happiness. She is just going to be so in love with him as she is older and really able to understand what is going on this time around.

My Bella is so sweet too. She always makes sure that when we are cuddling in the bed that I am sure to pray with her. What melts my heart is that she names off each and every person on her little mind at that time, and the list can be very long, and she always includes her baby brother.

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Anonymous said...

This brought happy, loving tears to my eyes! Your girls are such a blessing to us all. They really walk the talk and are so thoughtful and caring!

Susie, the proud tia of Symphony and Bella