Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks to Mister Rogers

My Symph has had this fascination with oranges. She happened to watch a Mister Rogers show and they were gining a lesson on oranges and showed an orange juice factory. After the show was over, Symph continued to ask me questions:

How is orange juice made?

Can I have an orange?

Can you buy some oranges?

Will you buy me some orange juice?

Can we make orange juice?

Can I eat an orange?

Can I have another?

I guess it's a good thing, we've had two trips to the store this week for oranges and new containers of orange juice. She needs Vitamin C and calcium, right?


Hollands said...

Great Picture!

Anonymous said...

Orange you glad she's not asking for candy? (hee, hee, I couldn't resist).

Love, Tia Susie