Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday my Bellie...

Bella Grace is such a little sassy, spit-fire, tender hearted, loving little girl and I enjoy her down to every last little bit. She is such a blessing with all the character that she possesses in that tiny little body of hers. I can't believe tat two years have flown by, and I am just reminded of her arrival and the doctor telling my family that she really was Bella, she was a beauty.

She is my little chicle (gum in Spanish) and one my little best friends. I love her so very much!

Today she was dedicated to the Lord and we were just reminded about raising her and being godly examples to her. We were reminded about her character and her self worth, and being her world and growing her in the ways of the Lord. As I type about this I am reminded about how sweet she is at night reminding me that we haven't talked to Jesus (prayed), and the sweet little memories of her sitting and saying "Jesus" over and over as she sits in her chair and reads her toddler Bible. What a blessing it is to see His importance in her life at such a a young and tender age.

After her dedication we had a birthday party for her which was choatic. We have had nice and gorgeous weather and of course on this weekend, the Sunday that her birthday is to be at the park, the temperature was at 107 degrees! At the total last minute we asked my parents to use their house (after they had insisted on it being there because of their pool), and had her party there. After endless running around we got it together and had a wonderful time. We were blessed to see that almost everyone showed up for her birthday despite the last minute changes!

I really didn't get any pictures of her that day because of so much chaos in getting stuff together, so I am bummed, but hey we still have a memory of it with all the craziness that day! We are blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family who love us and our girls!

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