Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday my Love!

Today is Bella's 2nd Birthday and she had a day filled with candles and much love. She was serenaded by mama and sister when she woke up and joined in singing Happy Birthday to herself :)

We went downstairs and breakfast was brought to her in her high chair with a candle and repeat of Happy Birthday to you. She blew out the candle and needed a new turn. Symph then asked for a turn because she really doesn't understand that pancakes and candles are actually a way of celebrating a birthday. At their Vovu's house candles always come along with pancakes as they celebrate a "birthday." Needless to say, Symph was stoked to have a turn to blow out the candle!
Later that day my Tia came over with Sean, who the girls just adore. They brought Bella a doll that drinks juice and pees, oh wow, number one spot for the gifts with the girls...for the moment that was! She also brought over a little cake for Bellie and we sang Happy Birthday to her, she blew out the candle, and then it was sister's turn again! We can't leave her out, right?
In the evening we had a cake for Bellie and she opened her gifts from us. It was so sweet as she covered her eyes in anticipation of each new gift, since they hadn't been wrapped! We had a blast with her and just love her in all her sassiness and tenderness!

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Susan said...

your family is adorable. bella is so grown up now!