Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day (Part 1)

So our holiday celebrations are always filled with running from one stop to the other, trying to be fair to family and friends! Well this time around not only was our time split, but we had clothing to be fairly worn throughout the day! It's funny the things we Aguiars do! We changed the girls three times in order to let them use each dress they were given. It was fun and hey, the last two are stained with the memories of what they enjoyed that day!

We went to church with my family and were then off to the Aguiar's to enjoy a nice brunch. Dom's dad made choriza, one of his specialties, along with pancakes and scrambled eggs, and his mom made her sweet bread, which she seems a bit embarrassed by it's appearance, but I think it looked lovely.

After brunch the girls dyed eggs, went out on an egg hunt, and played a few games with their tia Susie, Marlee and Meaghann. After this we headed on to Part 2 of our Resurrection Day Celebration.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of love to enjoy! Such special memories for all of us...what a blessing to have such sweet nieces. I thank God for them and for such a wonderful sister-in-law who takes such great care of them and of her hubby, too! =)

Tia Susie