Friday, March 21, 2008

On a friday afternoon

After all the picking up in the house was finished, and after BellaSymphony and Etsy work was taken care of, we had a nice little afternoon outside. As I got ready I heard the ice cream man and continued to debate whether I should even try to make it before he left our area. Well, I then got the girls ready and he was still out there, so we rushed to get some ice cream to cool us down on this warm Spring day.

Symph and Bella anxiously awaited playing with the neighborhood kids while they ate their little ice creams, a push pop and a ninja turtle. Once they finished we opened a large box that had been sitting at the door, and found lots of goodies that their titia had blessed them with for Easter. They both got two beautiful little dresses each, little plush animals, and baskets filled with goodies. They are truly blessed and loved!

Well it was on to fun and messy homemade bubbles, scooters, running, and just hanging out and being a kid. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this. My girls, especially Symph, are getting so big and independent.

I love these beautiful girls and I am so very thankful to be at home with them to enjoy simple little days like these.

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Anonymous said...

Blowing bubbles and eating does not get any better than this! I am so glad that you and your girls get to have these simple pleasures!

Tia Susie