Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day (Part 2)

So it was off to the Maestas household for a few fun hours. We took the girls out of the car and changed them into their next set of dresses and we were then ringing the doorbell to start off some more celebrating of this special day.

My dad immediately approached me with something I had to do for him for Krysten, and I was a bit thrown off, but figured out what was going on. Maybe it was Dom that was throwing me off. In the mean time, my girls were starting the sugar and toy overload with their baskets that their tia Jessica and tio Michael gave them.

So back to the colored eggs, we had an egg scavenger hunt! Each one of us had a a certain egg (mine was gold, yes, I am the golden one...totally kidding), and we had to find four eggs to get us to the last one that held the prize. My dad wrote all of the clues for my eggs out and was so cute in his clues, very thoughtful! Anyways, we all came out with a gift card as our prizes for one place or another. I've got money to spend, most likely on some fabric (I'm an addict).
The girls then went inside and opened up their baskets from their grandpo and nana, and got their chocolate fill.After this we had a turkey dinner, and I was very surprised and so happy to see my mother and father-in-law come over to celebrate with us. It was a very nice ending to this day. I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get the food or everyone there in some photos. I get too relaxed and into conversation and totally forget about my family! I'm glad I did get to enjoy it all though!

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Anonymous said...

You know the golden egg is always given to the favorite child! =)

I am so glad that so many fun memories were created on this day for the girls to look back on and know that there has been and will always be so much love (and chocolate!) in their lives.

Tia Susie