Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cooling Off

So we're not in the hot summer months of wanting to cool off just yet, but I thought it would be fun for Symph to practice. She got to make her first batch of homemade popsicles for this year. I'm sure she'll have many more attempts at this and will get better and better!

Please excuse her dress up choice for this morning. I think she may be a fashion designer with all the different types of dresses she wants me to make her with this same piece of fabric! She had to add the Cakies too!

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Anonymous said...

I love Symphony's sense of sytle. No doubt she is a domestic fashion diva in the making (and I mean diva is the nice form, not the "I must have only pink M&Ms and sunflowers in my dressing room.") What was she doing with her pinkie?
Was she showing you where she has her Tia Susie and Uncle Dan? Because we all know she has us wrapped around her little finger! She is too cute!!

Tia Susie

Thank you for sharing your girls with us--we adore them