Friday, March 7, 2008

Pink Coriander

I set out with one goal in mind yesterday, making pants. Needless to say, I went downstairs and there were bigger and better things waiting for me. Oh yes, my floors had waited more than patiently to be cleaned. So, I was off to mop them, but I couldn't just mop, I also need to vacuum. Hmm, why not throw in some laundry too while I'm at it? So once all this was done I was overwhelmingly tired, with no desire to make pants.

I got my last minute recharge at 11:30PM and the desire was alive once again. Here they are, not too bad for my first attempt and a late night figuring the pattern out!

I also made a new little piece of Hair Candy to match!

Symph loves her new threads!


Hollands said...

Super cute the pattern!

Cakies said...

Those are too cute! I had a feeling you would be up at night (ahem... morning) crafting and creating... I can't wait to see Symph in the them!

kennedy & friends said...

i can totally relate to your day! great blog!!!! have a wonderful weekend!