Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.   Spring Break is here...and we are NOT doing school through it as I had decided a while back.  I  
      need a break, but my kids need it even more...yippee, let the fun and playing begin!

2.   Papa Chulo is getting really good at using his balance bike!

3.   Nana took us out for a day at the beach, totally unplanned, totally fun...pictures to come soon (like  
      tomorrow kind of soon).

4.   I had my first root canal done today...terrible, awful, yucky, makes me never want to have teeth to  
      take care of!

5.   Bella rocked her style this week with a flowered vintage-y looking shirt, a bright pink-turquoise-and-
      bright orange pettiskirt, white wedge flip flops with colorful hearts, and juicy couture reading  
      glasses...oooh, fashion!

6.   We found out my uncle is cancer free!  My girls were little prayer warriors for his healing.

7.   I have so many things piling up, I think I need to just make a list and start checking them off one by  
      one if I ever want to make some progress in dwindling the list down.

8.   The countdown is on, my nephew's arrival date is getting closer and closer.  Can't wait to see this
      little miracle in the making!

9.   I am so very thankful for my mom.  She blesses me continually in the smallest things that mean so  
      very much!

10. So very thankful to be accepted by my Beloved ♥

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