Monday, April 4, 2011


Once a week I try to document something or other we did to create memories, or something interesting for the week through a snapshot.  I have to say that one pic for the week doesn't work, so bear with me if you are tired of seeing so many pictures!

This is our week for Spring Break, and I want my kids to enjoy their break and have things to do.  Monday got off to a very S..L..O..W.. start, but we eventually made it out of the house.

First stop was the library, where we found their Cover to Cover reading program to participate in.  After reading 5 books and recording them on a reading log, the girls are able to redeem their reading log for an In-N-Out hamburger or cheeseburger, which equals AWESOMENESS in their little eyes!  Bella immediately went home and blazed through her audio books and turned the pages as she listened along.  She took less than 30 minutes and was FINISHED, and ready to redeem her reading log "right now".  What a cutie pie, she is definitely my over achiever!  They can do this a total of three times each for three hamburgers or cheesebugers each..not bad, right?

After the library we headed over to the park that was across the way.  We spent a short time there, as some little teenage punks thought they ruled the park.  After I asked them to move out of the way so that the "little children" could use the slide, they looked at me as if I was out of this world and slow as molasses got up and sat on top of the slide...REALLY?   The kids used the slide a bit, and then Symphony went down it and I knew it was bad news.  Why do teens find it necessary to write such terrible vulgar things on the park equipment?  Sadly, we had to leave the park because I didn't want my daughter to read such obscenities....very sad!  The kids were so bummed, so I bribed them into leaving by offering a stop for ice cream, YAY!

We drove on over to Rite-Aid and each of us got to choose our own flavors to put on top of our little cones.  I can't say this was the ideal spot to be, it was pretty ghetto, but I took it in.  This little moment reminded me so much of my childhood.  My mom would take us on bike rides to Thrifty's and treat us to ice cream.  Here were my little ones enjoying being a kid with sweetness dripping all over them.  I loved all that they were while eating those sweet little cones.

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