Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

  1. The smell of my son's nasty diapers make me just about lose it each time I change him...potty training has begun (I have to admit, I haven't been too successful)!
  2. My son noticed a construction worker in line and waved at him.  The construction worker turned on his construction hat light to say "hello,"which thrilled my little guy.  Dominique then said "I love him, I want to kiss him".  He's into kissing everything lately...we changed it to "giving knuckles" instead of a kiss.
  3. Having Symphony's braces put on has been postponed until April.  Instead of going to see her orthodontist, she went to the doctor for a yucky cold, poor girl.
  4. Curriculum is driving me crazy!  I get into this rut every year..when will it end?  I just continue to remind myself it's all a process of finding what works.
  5. Bella is learning to read with a really cool book I picked up titled "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons".  It's amazing, and she is doing an amazing job!
  6. We ventured out this weekend to a car show, which we haven't done as a family in a VERY long time.  I didn't realize it was a Rockabilly Festival.  I tell you, I've never seen so much leopard, red lipstick, heels, and big flower hair accessories in my life.  We had a great time, but the company made it even better!
  7. Symphony is practicing for her STAR testing, and I am amazed that she is doing so very well!  It gives me assurance that I am doing well in teaching her...it's hard to gauge it sometimes, and why I'm so concerned is my question (that's a whole different post...one day).
  8. On Sunday we went to first service, 7:30AM!  It was a great start to our Sunday, and I think we will definitely be making this a habit.
  9. At church on Sunday I ran into some people that I haven't seen in a very LONG time.  It was great to see my friend Susie from high school, my old best friends niece, and one of my most favorite bosses.  I think it's been a good 5-15 years since I've seen them!
  10. My Clickin Moms membership is about to expire...sad times.  I need to come up with some good money to become a lifetime member.  That forum is so very valuable to me and my ♥ for photography.

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