Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, Monday...

We had our usual day....wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, drink a green smoothie, school and school work, a quick break to eat lunch, more school, and then some time to relax and breathe...ahhhh.

Days go by so quickly and burnout is easily achieved with tending to three little ones, teaching my kidlets, and keeping up with the house.  I thought it would be nice to end the day by a little bike ride out with the kids to gather up some sunshine and fresh air, and so we did.  We took our little ride on over to Target.  It's a straight shot from our home, but we like to be adventurous and add to our ride  :)  After finally arriving at Target, I realized my little guy had knocked out.  I thought that we should turn around and go home, but the girls thought otherwise and wanted to go see the new babies....aye yay yay!  Don't they know they have plenty?  I just made them send some off to the thrift store a couple days ago.  Anyhow, I took them in and instantly they were delighted with their find.  These crazy Monster High Dolls have been off the shelves, yet holding their spots since before Christmas.  Symphony was so very excited, yet she didn't ask to get one.  She looked them over in the cutest way, and I just had to get her one.  The girls ran outside to ask their papa if he would let them get one, and then back in we went while they lingered deciding which one they should get.  I wish I recorded their little faces and how adorable they were throughout this whole little ordeal.

Needless to say, our Monday was filled with so much, as always, but I wouldn't ask for the day to change in any way.

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