Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

(some of my pins on Pinterest)

1. We started a marriage class at our church called Love & Respect.  Yes, my husband listens through blue hearing aids and speaks through a blue megaphone and I do the same but through pink...we are learning communication, and we are loving the class.

2. I am once again on the hunt for math curriculum that I am satisfied with (Jen, please no comments, haha!).

3.  Hilarious...my husband was trying to get to church quickly.  I reminded him that the ticket would be a large amount of money if he were caught since it would be considered reckless driving.  He continued, and then decided to get into the carpool lane, where a car was going BELOW the speed limit...Yes, hahaha!  I didn't have to say a word, although I laughed til I almost cried (he was laughing pretty hard too).

4.  It was rainy and cold out on Sunday and my mom made us albondigas soup...yum!  so soothing on a cold, rainy day.

5.  Purging and organizing have been my two close friends this past week, and I have to say..."I love them"!

6.  Pinterest, my newest addiction, has made me determined to get working on making our house lovely both inside and out.  You should really check it out.

7.  What an encouragement to meet new people and have a quick conversation with them, and feel so refreshed!  I really needed that  :)

8.  My son went to his Nina's today before I dropped Symph off at school which meant no throw up to clean up....yes!

9.  I love when my kids want a Lunchable...it's rare, but it saves me some time, kind of.

10.  Why are 4 year olds so insistent to ask the same question over and over again, when they have been answered over and over again with the same answer?  Ya, we're working on that and time out may be proving effective...we shall see.

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Holland said...

I know I was instructed not to comment on the math. However, when it comes to math books you can never search to much. I still do it. When it comes to math...the search is endless.

And #5 I love those friends too!